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Crathes Castle, Shrek 2, Open-Air 05/08

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It’s the second instalment of one of the most loved characters to grace the world of cinema animation. It’s more rib tickling fun from Shrek and the chattiest donkey in Far Far Away with the introduction of perhaps the franchises most popular addition, Puss in Boots. There’s something for everyone in this Dreamwork’s masterpiece and we look forward to seeing you at Crathes Castle on 05/08!

A seating plan will circulate for customers to choose their preferred position. This will be sent to customers who have ordered tickets first in batches of 15.

Food and hot drinks will be available on the night with card payment available. Everyone is welcome to bring their own picnic and alcoholic beverages, but we do insist that any drinking is done responsibly.

Access to the venue will be from 5:30pm for a 7pm screening. When you are not seated in your area during the film we ask that you wear a mask at all times within the venue grounds.

This will be an open-air screening, so please bring your chairs and anything else that you may wish for the night. Just remember not to put baby in the corner.
This is an open-air screening, so we encourage everyone to dress to the conditions. All you need to do is bring your chair along, sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacle.

Specific Covid-19 Information
– Seating areas will be designated on customer request on response to emails sent from Blue Monkey Events Ltd.
– We kindly ask that you wear a face covering while queueing or in contact with a member of staff, or entering the toilets.
– We will issue every group with a binbag on entry to the event. Please do not go to the bin at any point as we are wary this could create an issue with social distancing. Instead we will collect all bin bags at the end of the screening.
-If you wish to be seated 2m from another group, please let us know and we can easily sort this.
– Sanitiser will be available upon entry and exit, as well as stationed near the toilets themselves.
– Once the screening had ended we will ask specific seating areas to leave first to ensure there is not a bottleneck. Please be patient at this point, we are very wary of making this event a safe success at every stage.
– We will do everything that we can to ensure the safety of everyone attending, providing ample signage and compliance with government guidance. Blue Monkey Events and NTS will not be held responsible for anyone acting out with our guidance and direction. We withhold the right to ask anyone to leave who is not adhering to any mandatory guidelines at the venue.

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Event Details

Date: 5 August, 2021

Start time: 19:00

End time: 20:45

Venue: Crathes Castle

Phone: 07794556303

Email: [email protected]