At Blue Monkey Events we specialise in providing flexible outdoor screen solutions; be that for cinema, sporting events or via live-feed.

We collaborate with venues across Scotland, providing outdoor public cinema screenings, as well as facilitating solutions for corporate and private hires.

Our premier equipment includes a variety of options depending on the situation. This includes our 24msq 4.5mm LED screen and truss system which can be used in any conditions, including daylight, for audiences of up to 500 people. We also have inflatable screens that utilise our latest DLP projectors for optimum picture quality. These come in a range of sizes from 32msq (600 people) to 12msq, which is ideal for smaller private screenings. At any screening we will use our concert quality HK Audio speakers.

At all times we will work with you to make your event a success. As a family owned and run company we highly value our reputation and the service we provide. Working together, we will ensure the best possible experience throughout the whole process, from the planning to the event itself.

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